is the third book in the Demon Child Trilogy

Back book cover

Medalon has Surrendered to Foreign invaders, Tarja is once more an outcast, the Defenders have scattered... and their only hope is Damin Wolfblade.

But Damin has his own problems - the High Prince is Dead, so Damin Must lift the Siege on the Hythrun Capital and Defeat a usuper before he can come to Medalon's aid.

For R'shiel time is running out. She must find a way to Bring Peace to the divided Southeren nations, to free Medalon from Karien occupation, and to find the strenght to put an end to Locon. and she has finally acepted her destiny as the Demon Child, which Means she must be the one to defeat Xaphista - soon before the Harshini are destroyed.

But how can she kill a god?

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