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is a series by Jennifer Fallon located in a place called Amyrantha

Books Edit

1) The Immortal Prince

2) The Gods of Amyrantha

3) The Palace of Impossible Dreams

4) The Chaos Crystal

Main Characters Edit

Humans Edit

Declan Hawkes

Arkady Desean

Stellan Desean

Tilly Ponting

Tide LordsEdit

Tryan (The Devil)

Elyssa (The Maiden)

Cayal (The Immortal Prince)

Jaxyn (The Lord of Temperance)

Brynden (The Lord of Reckoning)

Pellys (The Recluse)

Maralyce (The Seeker)

Lukys (The Scholar)

Kentrevyon (The Sleeper)

Coryna (or Coron the Rat)

Declan Hawkes

Arkady Desean


Arryl (The High Priestess)[The Sorceress in the Tide Lords Tarot]

Diala (The Minion Maker)[The High Priestess in the Tide Lords Tarot]

Syrolee (Empress of the Five Realms)

Engarhod (Emperor of the Five Realms)

Kinta (The Charioteer)

Rance (The Hanging Man)

Krydence (The Judge)

Taryx (The Warrior)

Medwen (The Artisan)

Ambria (The Mother)

Lyna (The Betrayer)

Tide Watchers Edit



Crasii Edit

Tiji (Slinky)







Warlock (Cecil Segura)

Boots (Tabitha Belle)

Misery (Missy)

Despair (Dezi)

Torment (Tory)

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